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Container Delivery

Our drivers are well experienced, highly skilled at delivering & they take great care to ensure the placement fits our customers’ needs.

We offer;

  • Quick Delivery
  • Very Reasonable Rates
  • Delivery Service  Across MB, SK and Northwestern ON
  • Professional Service

We offer in house Container Delivery Service Across MB, SK and Northwestern ON and We are capable of off-loading your storage containers and placing them on the ground. This is done through the use of a Tilt Deck truck or Trailer, where the Container is unloaded off the rear. For narrow streets or limited access we may require additional equipment to deliver your storage container. If you have any concerns regarding the delivery of your container to your site please contact us with any questions.

Storage Container Deliver

Site Preparation

Your site should have enough room to unload your container.

Other than having enough room to accommodate our equipment needed to unload your container. We have come up with a few points to assist you in checking whether your site is ready for delivery.

Please Consider following:

  • Is the ground is level where you want the container placed? (doors work better on level ground)
  • How is the access to the site? Will we need to stop traffic? Or drive over a city property?
  • How is the surface of the ground that the truck will be driving over? (soft ground will create problems for the truck)
  • Are there any overhead cables or overhanging trees in the path