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Cantrans Containers is specialized in sea cans for sale in Calgary. Cantrans Containers offers services from Calgary like new shipping containers for sale and rent, used shipping containers for sale and rent, and quick shipping container delivery. Cantrans Containers is one of the biggest sellers of c cans for sale in Calgary and the surrounding areas. We always keep a sizable selection of different-sized sea cans for sale in Calgary, Alberta. We have both new and used sea cans, especially 20’, 40’, and 40 high cubes with double doors insulated is a c can for sale that is particularly popular. Cantrans Containers has many different sea cans for sale that are water tight and rodent-proof whether new or used. When a customer buys a c can for sale, they can schedule our quick and reasonably priced delivery. The price is calculated based on the distance of the delivery location. If a customer chooses to rent a sea can, they can pick a Container from our diverse collection containing an abundance of sizes and colors. Getting a sea can for rent has its advantages like a flexible rental agreement with no pre-determined terms or contract. Some of the phenomenal advantages include ground-level access, secure access, the availability to relocate the shipping container, and even same-day pickup. These c cans for rent also can be delivered with our quick and reasonable-priced delivery.  Alternatively, a customer can always pick up their c can for sale or sea can for rent that they have purchased themselves if they would prefer that over delivery. With our c can for sale, we offer container offices and container cabins in many different and unique styles and sizes to meet the specific requirements of a customer. Cantrans Container aims to make low-cost mobile and on-site solutions that are high quality and aim to satisfy a customer. These container cabins and container offices can also be rented out to a customer. Cantrans offers different modifications and customizations to our sea cans so they can be made to the customer’s choice. At Cantrans, we have a diverse and vast collection of these modifications that can be applied/installed. These include multiple doors, roll-up doors, lockboxes, padlocks, vents, steel man doors, and windows. Along with this, Cantrans Containers offers sea can inspection and certification for people wanting or considering sending their shipping container overseas. For a container to go overseas, they need to meet specific requirements for safety, stability, usability, & WWT (Wind, Water-Tight) for transportation through the ocean and obtain a certificate by passing inspection. Cantrans Containers has sea cans for sale in Alberta in all different sizes like:

  • 10’ sea can for sale in Calgary, Alberta.
  • 20’ new and used c can for sale in Calgary,
  • 40’ new, used, and high cube for sale in Alberta
  • 53’ sea can new and used for sale in Calgary, Alberta

For a customer who would like storage with limited storage, Cantrans sells mini shipping containers that are 8’ and 9’. These can be modified and customized into offices and cabins to match a client’s choice. Our quick and reasonably priced delivery is used by most customers because of its advantages like being able to pick the orientation of the door. These deliveries are done using a Roll Off/Tilt Bed. If someone would like to buy a sea can for sale, they can look at our website, email us, or call us. Cantrans is a 100 percent Canadian-owned and operated business that is the supplier of new and used sea cans for sale from western Canada to the Canadian shield. If a customer is purchasing new c cans for sale, they are always one-time used. The new sea cans for sale are shipped here from China so they are already used ones. This is something that is unavoidable since the c cans for sale are produced in China. C cans for sale are recognized across the country as a great storage solution that is also an asset because, unlike an average shed, a sea can for sale will increase in value or at least retain most of its original value. This makes it a much better purchase financially and it has great diversity in size and color. Shipping containers for sale are also useful for shipping items across the country or internationally. Cantrans has sea cans for sale in Alberta that can be used for these types of transportation. Sea cans for sale at Cantrans are a great way for people to move their things across the ocean. Along with this, Shipping containers for sale are also popular among people who are starting a shop/store or storing inventory from a store. This is because it is much cheaper and more efficient to place inventory in a c can for sale instead of a warehouse and cheaper over the long term and starting a store inside of modified sea cans for sale can be much more cost-efficient because it eliminates the cost of constructing a building or buying a new building and then renovating that building to the business. This makes a sea can for sale in Calgary, Alberta much more cost-efficient and involves much less hassle. This is why Corporations will make offices out of one or more shipping containers specially modified for that task. After being painted properly and finished correctly, these function as a proper office and look the part too. Sea cans for sale can also be used to make pools in-ground and on-ground style. These pools if in the ground will have all the proper equipment and beautiful finishing. If this shipping container pool is made to be placed on the ground, it can be painted the color of choice, feature windows, and have a phenomenal interior finishing. These above-ground or semi-in-ground pools are particularly popular for their amazing look paired with a great price compared to a traditional pool making this sea can for sale a good decision for a lot of customers. Cantrans has 5 stars on google maps, google search engine, and other review websites including our own website.

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