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Used shipping containers in Canada

Cantrans Containers specializes in the sales of used shipping containers, we are one of the largest suppliers of used shipping containers.
Unlike new sea cans, used sea cans are more reasonably priced as they have been used for international shipping for many years.  Used sea cans are available in different sizes, ranging from 10ft to 53ft high cubes. Used container inventory varies in height between standard (8’6”) and high cube (9’6”) and includes a wide range of specialized equipment such as reefer and insulated containers.. These shipping containers come  in different colors. Used shipping containers also feature a water-tight and rodent-proof finish.
All Used shipping containers are built with CORTEN steel and as per ISO specification and are typically 8-12 years in age. It is common that used containers will have minor dents and surface rust as they have been used for ocean transportation for many years and salty wind and water do can create some surface rust, every unit is inspected on arrival to ensure they meet Cantrans Containers quality standards. This includes ensuring they are wind and water tight, structurally sound and in cargo worthy, Sea Worthy condition. During our inspection, we also ensured that all container features are fully functional including operational doors and solid plywood flooring.

We have used sea cans for Sale in in our different depots and we do offer the delivery from these locations:

British Columbia:
Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario

Why buy used sea cans:

Used sea cans are popular among businesses and homeowners for their benefits. Along with the fact they are much cheaper, these shipping containers can be used by businesses to store their inventory and other equipment due to their advantages over a standard warehouse. Advantages being that compared to renting a warehouse, shipping containers are an asset and after buying one, it will retain a decent amount of its original value compared to spending money renting. Along with this, a sea can is more versatile and can be moved around, placed on location behind a store or shop, and looks good being colored.
Homeowners use a sea can as a replacement for a shed considering the more space it provides while still always being work a good amount. Homeowners use it to place machinery and vehicles of usual use like an ATV, lawn mower, snow plower, gardening tools, and many other items. Along with all this, used sea cans can always have a fresh paint job to make them look great. This is all possible due to the variety of sizes that a sea can have to offer.

Several types of sizes:

Cantrans containers has used sea cans for sale in many different sizes:

20’ normal and high cube used
40’ normal and high cube used
53’ normal and high cube used
40’ high cube used non-working and working reefer container
53’ high cube used insulated container

Why buy from Cantrans:

Cantrans Containers is a leading supplier of used shipping containers at Competitive prices and immediate availability
in Canada. Cantrans offers used sea cans with new paint and different modifications. Along with this, Cantrans has used sea can offices, onsite storage, and fully insulated containers.
Cantrans containers have 5-star reviews on google maps, google search engine, our website, and another review website. This is possible since Cantrans makes customer satisfaction a top priority for each of our customers. This is accomplished with a combination of our great staff, reasonable prices, and quick delivery service.

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