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Cantrans Containers is specialized in the sales and rentals of shipping containers in Regina Saskatchewan and across Canada. Cantrans is also specialized in modifications for shipping containers. Any container out of our sizable and diverse collection of sea cans can be modified. Cantrans has shipping containers for sale in Regina in many different colors and sizes. Cantrans has great quality sea cans for sale that are water-tight and rodent proof, even if used. Some of the different containers for sale and rent Cantrans are:

  • 10’ sea can for sale and rent
  • 20’ shipping container for sale and rent
  • 40’ sea can for sale and rent
  • 53’ shipping container for sale and rent

Along with these sizes of shipping containers for sale in Regina Saskatchewan can trans also has 7’ and 8’ mini containers. These are the perfect-size sea cans for any location with limited available space. These are available because Cantrans is committed to finding a shipping container for sale perfect for each of our customer’s needs. Because of this commitment, Cantrans Containers offers these shipping containers for rent. This option of renting a sea can instead of buying a sea-can for sale comes with many advantages like a flexible rental term, ground-level access, same-day or next-day delivery or pick up, and relocation availability. Along with our normal sea can for sale and rent, Cantrans offers cabin and office containers for sale and rent. These are shipping containers for sale converted into cabins and offices with multiple modifications to allow for a stunning finish and functionality. These can be bought or rented for the same advantages as a normal sea can for sale. To deliver these containers to the customer, Cantrans Containers offers our quick, efficient, and reasonable delivery service that can deliver the shipping container for sale after it has been bought or rented. Along with this, Cantrans also offers sea can inspection and certification. If a person would like to send their sea can for sale overseas, it needs to meet a requirement for safety, usability, stability, and WWT (wind and watertight). This is a popular service among customers of Cantrans. Cantrans is committed to customer satisfaction and keep that a priority for every customer. This allows Cantrans to have 5-star reviews on google maps, google search engine, our website, and other review sites. Cantrans is recommended and trusted by most and should be the next stop for a person looking for a sea can for sale or rent in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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