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The Diversity of Shipping Containers Available and Their Different Uses

In a world where shipping containers are no longer confined to just cargo ships and construction sites, an exciting trend has emerged – the utilization of shipping containers for a variety of innovative and practical purposes by everyday people. At Cantrans Containers, we’re passionate about showcasing the incredible diversity of shipping containers and how they can enhance your life. Gone are the days when these robust metal boxes were solely associated with global trade; now, they’re being transformed into stylish and functional spaces that cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re dreaming of a modern and unique office, a beautiful container pool, or a versatile storage solution, our range of shipping containers offers an array of sizes with customization options and modifications to bring your vision to life. Join us on a journey of exploration as we uncover the boundless potential that shipping containers hold for the average individual and discover the countless ways you can integrate them into your lifestyle.

Mini containers (8’,9’):

Mini containers are a type of container that is modified to a much smaller size to fit in a smaller space or for a person that only needs that much space. They can be placed in your backyard, driveway, or on a vacant lot, providing a secure and weather-resistant solution for storing items like seasonal decorations, gardening tools, sports equipment, and more. They make a perfect small storage unit. Mini shipping containers can also be converted into compact home offices, art studios, or workshops. With some insulation and ventilation, they can offer a quiet and dedicated space for work or creative projects without taking up much space. If you’re fond of gardening and need some space for storage for equipment, a mini shipping container can serve as a gardening shed. It can store tools, potting soil, and gardening equipment. They can be picked with the perfect color to match your property beautifully. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can use mini shipping containers as mobile pop-up shops or kiosks at fairs, markets, or other events. They provide a customizable and eye-catching space to showcase products and attract customers.

Medium-Sized Shipping Containers (20 ft):

Shipping containers in these 20 feet are some of the most popular containers. These can be bought (new or used) or even rented and are often the perfect size for most used and for most spaces. A simple and straightforward use is for additional storage. People often place these containers on their property to store tools, equipment, seasonal items, or personal belongings. These can be for people with larger items or a higher quantity of items. If you’re a hobbyist or need a dedicated space for your creative endeavors, a 20 ft container can be transformed into a workshop for woodworking, painting, crafting, and more. Another use for a 20 ft container is an extra garage. This can be used as a secure and weather-resistant garage to protect your vehicles, motorcycles, or outdoor equipment. These benefits can also all be had while resting instead of purchasing the container (the exception is personal modification orders for renting).

Large-Sized Shipping Containers (40 ft, 53 ft):

Large-sized shipping containers that are 40ft and 53ft are a great size for businesses, farmers, or people with a need for a larger space. These containers are suitable for use as storage warehouses, especially for businesses that require ample space. Whether you need to store massive machinery or large quantities of supplies/equipment, these containers are more than enough for almost everyone’s needs. If a small warehouse is what you are looking for, look no further. These sizes of shipping containers with a double-door modification and some extra insulation (if needed) can be the perfect warehouse with easy accessibility. The benefit of larger shipping containers can all also be had by renting these. While renting shipping containers might not sound appealing for the constant payment, it is a great alternative to spending thousands of dollars and is especially useful for people who need these shipping containers for a shorter time period like a few months or a few years. This can be perfect because renting over that amount of time will save you the cost of having to pay thousands upfront.


If small, medium, or large-sized shipping containers are something you are interested in, whether that be buying, modifying, or renting, Cantrans Containers is your one-stop shop for all your container needs. With amazing, competitive prices, quick and efficient delivery, and fantastic customer

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